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On-Going Sponsored Research Projects

 » All India coordinated research project on ergonomics & safety in agriculture, ICAR, New Delhi.

 » Characterization of soil reflectance in the visible and near-infrared region for the iron-rich soils of Eastern India. DST, New Delhi.

 » All India coordinated research project on farm implements and machinery, ICAR, New Delhi.

 » All India coordinated research project on harvest and post harvest technology, ICAR, New Delhi.

 » Climate change & rice-based crop production system of eastern & south eastern India: Impact assessment & risk Management through simulation study, CSIR, New Delhi and Centre for Mathematical Modelling & Computer Simulation, Bangalore.

 » A value chain on aloe vera processing, National Agricultural Innovation Project, ICAR, New Delhi.

 » Development of a GIS based decision support system for irrigation system management, INCID, New Delhi.

 » Agro-meteorology advisory services, Ministry of Earth Sciences, New Delhi.

 » Development of an automatic vegetable transplanter with technology for paper pot seedlings, CSIR, New Delhi.

 » Biodepolymerization of low-grade ligniteto biomethane and humic acid, ONGC, New Delhi.

 » Development of biotechnology based process for water reduction in potato processing, TIFAC, Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi.

 » Impact assessment of MGNREGA in one district of Madhya Pradesh (Mandla) & West Bengal (Paschim Medinipur), MORD, New Delhi.

 » Development of cage for mariculture through numerical and physical modeling. Ministry of Earth Sciences, New Delhi.

 » Integration of rainwater harvesting and climate resilient agriculture in sustaining productivity and profitability of rainfed agro-climatic zones of Eastern India, ICAR, CRIDA, NICRA, Hyderabad.

 » Ensemble modeling of rainfall-runoff transformation process, INCOH, New Delhi.

 » Interdisciplinary network for holistic environment system analysis, eco-system services, integrated modelling and sustainable resources management (INNO-ASIA)", German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

 » Elucidating Fragrant Methoxybenzaldehyde Biosynthesis in hairy root/normal root cultures of Hemidesmus Indicus, DAE, BRNS, Mumbai.

 » Land use land cover dynamics in relation to human dimension and climate in Mahanadi river basin, Orissa”, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Department of Space.

 » Flood inundation zoning for different return periods in Mahanadi river basin, INCOH, New Delhi.

 » Modelling the performance of a few major cropping systems in eastern India on the light of projected climate change, National Agricultural Innovation Project, ICAR, New Delhi