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Research & Development Facilities

In sustaining the high profile academic programme, the department has developed and modernized its laboratories to encourage frontline research in Farm Machinery and Power, Land & Water Resources Engineering, Food Process Engineering, Aquacultural Engineering, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agronomy and Soil Science. In addition to these specialized laboratories, the department has developed computational facilities in a well equipped Computer simulation and design laboratory, field testing facilities in a 100 acre experimental farm and a modern library to assist the research and development activities of all the disciplines.

Departmental Library & Computer Simulation & Design Laboratory
Experimental Farm

Farm Machinery & Power

The discipline has developed modern Tillage & Traction lab, Tractor testing lab, Ergonomics lab and Biofuel lab. These labs are equipped with modern Data acquisition system, Gould recorder, Torque pick up, Breath analyser, Ergometers, Microprocessor based engine test facilities, Sound and vibration equipment, Operator work place simulator, Gasifier etc.

Tillage and Traction Laboratory

Land and Water Resources Engineering

The discipline has developed Irrigation and drainage lab, Surface and groundwater hydrology lab, Remote sensing lab and a unique Field water management laboratory. These labs are equipped with Hydrology study system, Agrimultimeter, Ground truth radiometer, Micro-irrigation equipment test set-up, Overland flow hydraulic flume, Pump testing rig, Automatic weather station, Rainfall simulator, Ion-chromatography as well as with various softwares: ANSWERS, AGNPS, SWAT, MIKE SHE, IDRISI, Arc-VIEW, SNNS etc.

Furrow Irrigation Experiments

Food Process Engineering

The discipline has developed vacuum dryers, recircualroty tray dryer, single screw extruder, rising film and scrapped surface evaporator, UHT milk sterilizer, aseptic packaging machine, continuous chhana, paneer and sandesh making machines and energy efficient ovens. The laboratories of this discipline are equipped with Karl Fisher titrator, freeze dryer, spray dryer, plate freezer, high pressure dairy homogenizer, laboratory evaporator and distillation column. The discipline has also acquired a state-of-the art High pressure food processing system, Prototype Satake rice mill and developed Dairy engineering lab, Physical and Thermal properties lab, Drying lab, Grain testing and grading lab, Product development lab, Food engineering lab, Food science & technology lab and Food packaging lab. These labs are equipped with Differential scanning calorimetry, Thermo gravimetric analyzer, Rheotron, Instron universal testing machine, Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Microprocessor based single screw extruder, Twin screw lab compounder, CA storage system, Super critical fluid extraction system, Colorimeter, Texture analyzer, Micro-pulverizer, Brabender wheat mill, etc.

Food Science and Technology Lab
High Pressure Food Processing Laboratory

Aquacultural Engineering

The discipline has developed Aquacultural Engineering lab, Water quality management lab, Aqua processing lab, Fish culture and Fish biology lab. These labs are equipped with Single screw extruder, Twin Screw Extruder, Retort system for ready to eat foods. Power measurement panel, Variable speed drive system with Thyrister controlled unit, UV Spectrophotometer, Kjeldhal nitrogen analyzer, Multi parameter water quality monitoring system, Microprocessor based water analyzing kit, Ion meter, Advanced research microscope, Microbiological analysis facilities, Aerator testing facility, Recirculatory aquaculture system etc.


Agricultural Biotechnology

The discipline has developed microbial biotechnology lab, Tissue culture and cryo-biology lab, Algal biotechnology lab and Natural product biotechnology lab. These laboratories are equipped with Laminar flow cabinets, Plant and algal culture facilities, Growth chambers, BOD incubators, Koji room facility, Fuorescent, Phase contrast and light microscopes with digital photographic facilities, Refrigerated centrifuges, Cryo-med with planer, Vacuum rotary evaporators, VA tracer analyzer, Freeze dryers, Deep freezers, UV-Vis spectrophotometers, Deionized water purification facilities, Electrophoresis units, PCR work station, Gradient thermocycler, Gel documentation unit, Transilluminator, Vacuum rotary concentrator, GC, HPLC, GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS, etc.

Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory

Soil Science

The discipline has developed Soil physics lab and Plant nutrition lab. These labs are equipped with Pressure plate apparatus, Neutron moisture meter, Depth moisture and density probe, Steady state porometer, Laboratorium permeameter, Growth chamber, Leaf water status console, Spectrocolorimeter, Double beam spectrophotometer, Ion meter, Soil testing equipment etc.

Soil Physics Laboratory


The discipline has developed Agronomy lab, Biofertilizer lab. and Tea engineering lab. These labs are equipped with Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, Gas-liquid chromatography, Leaf area meter, Laminar air flow cabinet, Colorimeter, GC, HPLC, etc.

Agronomy Laboratory